Back to School Series #1: What’s in my back pack 2017!

What is up you guys!

AH!! Back to school. Probably my favorite topic, mostly because that involves school shopping. And any king of supplies shopping… I’m in! Somehow we all think, “This year I’m going to be organized, never late, and on top of the world!” *middle of the year, “I think I have a pencil somewhere…Nope. Hey Ruth, could I borrow a pencil?” Does any one actually keep all their supplies? At the end of the year, I’m always going through my stuff like, “This isn’t mine. Or this or that…” Anyway, let’s just enjoy these few moments of togetherness and organization.

First, things first. The backpack. I love this backpack, and since my overall theme this year is black and white, it goes perfect! I always try to match my locker and backpack, so it all goes and doesn’t look like pattern and color central! I got it on Amazon sold by Abshoo here.


Next is the supplies♥


I have…


A dictionary (American Heritage from Amazon) and a pencil pouch set from Target.


College ruled notebook paper , and 3X5 and 4X6 Index cards from Target.


Pencils and Sharpie highlighters from Meijer, felt tip pens and erasers from Target, and Math set I got on Amazon.


Notebooks are from Meijer. The ones I chose say “Blaze new trails” “Take the high road” and “Dream big dreams”.


Planner is from Meijer (again!).


Now, My FAVORITE school supply thing, the Five Star binder/trapper keeper (you can find them every where, but I got mine at Target). It comes with folder/pocket dividers, sticker labels, notebook paper, and graph paper. The rings also come apart and snap together again, so you can remove or add paper and move paper to different divider sections. I usually just take my binder and text-book to class and have everything I need! Best thing to keep you organized!

I think that will about wrap it up! So… what did you think of “What’s in my backpack 2017”? Share your thoughts and any other blog suggestions in the comments; I’d love to hear from you guys! This is my back to school series, so feel free to follow this blog via email so you don’t miss out out on future back to school and other fun posts! Back to School is a lot of fun, but here’s hoping we make it to the end;) Thanks for visiting and the best of luck to you in the 2017 school year!

Until next time,



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