4th of July Flag Cake

What is up you guys!

For our Fourth of July party I really wanted to try something big…. or maybe not BIG but still pretty cool;) I saw this flag cake on pinterest, and looked up how to make it on allrecipes.com. In atempt to test my “baking skills”, I took on the challenge. Okay, it wasn’t too much of a dificult challenge, but hey! I still did it! So I thought I’d share some photos of how my cake came out, then how you can make it too! Now on to the cake⇒


I love how on the outside it just looks simple, but then you cut into it and…


Haaa-llelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Seeing people’s reactions makes it all worth it!!! Nobody expects it 😉OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Is it me, or are things more fun to eat the prettier and more creative they are!


Okay, now do you want to make one too?

That’ll wrap it up! If you make one too, tell me how it went in the comments or share a photo. I’d love to see them! Share this post with someone who loves to bake or make!

Until next time,


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