Note to future self…

Hello everyone!

I want to share this letter I wrote to my future self. It’s super inspiring and what I hope to see in myself in the future. If you love posts like this tell me in the comments! Now on to the note 2 self….

Dear me,

I don’t know what you’ve been doing lately, (like before reading this) but I want you (me) to know, you’re never, ever, going to be perfect! NEEEEEEEVER! So live in the moment. Take everything in.

Are you doing your devotions? Right now (younger you) you haven’t been doing the best, but His mercies are new every morning! Keep praying and remember that “The teacher is always quiet during the test”. So if things get hard or difficult and there is some obstacle… trust God has a purpose. That maybe, one day, you will see a connection between the struggle and some other reason… like maybe your story or example will impact someone else’s life. So give an example of someone who kept going through the struggles with God and overcame the trials! Maybe that will give another person encouragement to go on the right way!

All of that and one more thing….

Laugh. God gave us laughter! It can heal a wound, lighten up the mood, make a friendship, and make bad situations a “remember when” moment. So live like you’re loved! Which you are! By so many people, including me… yourself. I believe and pray that you (I) am, can be, and will be, a woman to look up to. A leader,a servant, a friend. All of these things and more. And be kind. A friend cannot be a friend if she cannot laugh. A servant cannot serve others if she does not have a kind spirit. A leader cannot lead without…                           laughter, a kind spirit, strength, love, an example, a story. A story of a girl who loved and loves God. Who moved on from the obstacles the right way, with the right attitude, who can laugh and be kind. Who… made a difference. Be that girl. and more. 





2 thoughts on “Note to future self…

  1. Chloe, I am so proud of you, how well you express your thoughts. The goals you have for yourself are inspiring for anyone. The challenges you give to yourself could be ours.

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