15 Life Hacks for everyday life!

Hello Everyone! In this blog post I wanted to share with you some awesome life hacks that you could use in everyday life! If you have liked my past posts, please follow my blog by clicking the follow button located on the  About Me and Blog page. Also, if you have any suggestions on posts you would like to see, just comment below this post and I’ll see what I can do! Now let’s go on to the life hacks!

Life Hack #1

This one is pretty well-known. If you put your phone in airplane mode while charging, it will charge much faster! I’ve tried this on my kindle fire as well, and I’d say it works on those too.

Life Hack #2

Hack #2 is an awesome organization hack! Clip paper clips to the edge of your desk or table to hold up your cables with no tangles!lifehacks-buzztato-25

Life Hack #3

You know when you computer won’t connect to the internet, and a little dinosaur appears on the screen?  Well, if you hit the space bar, it becomes a game!


Life Hack #4

If your child sends a letter to their favorite Disney character, they will receive an autographed 8×10 picture! Here’s the address:

ATTN: “character’s name”

Walt Disney Communications

PO box 10040

Lake Buena Vista, FL


(I have never tried this out, but it sounds fun!)

Life Hack #5

Hack #5 is for the kitchen! The hole in the handle of your pots and pans is not only for hanging, but is also for holding your cooking spoon too! That way no sauce or anything else on it won’t drip everywhere!



Life Hack #6

Hair hack! If you squeeze lemon juice (right from the lemon) into your shampoo bottle, it will help control frizz for thick or curly hair!

Life Hack #7

Here’s another lemon one! Roll a lemon on its side to loosen up the juice inside. Cut the top off and place the top of a spray bottle into it for “Lemon Spray”. It’s great for food that needs some lemon, like salmon or Mexican! In the picture, the spray top is from an actual brand. Here’s the link to where you can buy it. In my opinion, why buy it when you can just put the top from spray bottle in the lemon!)



Life Hack #8

Put dryer sheets on the back of a fan while it’s blowing. They’ll stick to the back and the room will smell amazing!


Life Hack #9

Ever want to get rid of clothes but don’t know what to give up? This is a great hack (more of a technique) to get rid of clothes you don’t need. Hang your hangers with the clothes on them so that the hook is facing you. Now the next time you take something down to wear, put the hanger back hook facing away from you. At the end of about six months, the clothes with the hanger’s hook still facing you, are the clothes you never wore and can be given up!



Life Hack #10

Use a razor to get pilling off of shirts, sweatshirts, etc. This especially comes in handy during the winter!


Life Hack #11

We have a berry farm just down the road from our house, so in the summer, it’s berry picking season! This hack makes strawberry pitting a whole lot easier. Stick a straw through the bottom of a strawberry up until you hit the stem. Pull it out of the straw, and voila! A pitted strawberry!



Life Hack #12

This hack is more of a “how to make your own powered cleaning tool”. Basically  you are connecting a cleaning brush to a drill! See a video on how to make it HERE. (it does not take up much time to make at ALL! Maybe 5-8 minutes at tops.)

Life Hack #13

I’m pretty sure everyone, at one point, has gone to an outlet or surge protector and was looking for that one plug but you didn’t know what cord went to what! This is an awesome hack to go down in the books! Take a bread tag and write on it what cord goes to what. (example: Lamp, Computer, etc.) Snap it on to the cord and you’re good to go!


Life Hack #14

Okay. So…..moms. You probably know cup holders can be one of the most dirtiest things in the car with little ones, and cleaning can be the worst part about it. This hack is SO helpful in solving that problem! If you put a silicone cupcake liner in them, when it comes time to clean, pop it out and cleaning is easier than ever! Especially if they spill a liquid, there is no soaking up everything! Not only is it for the kids, the liners make it easier to find the little things you put inside!


Life Hack #15

The last hack! This one is mostly for bonfires and camping. Use “joke candles” (the ones that can’t get blown out) to light fires. This way, the wind won’t affect the flame!


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