Five hairstyles for little girls

Hello everyone! In this post I have some hairstyle ideas for little girls. A lot of you may know how easy it is for toddlers to make it look like their hair was never brushed! These hairstyles aren’t guaranteed to keep hair perfect, but they certainly help! They are also not just for little girls, just designed with them in mind.

  • You will need to know how to french braid for some of the up do’s
  • I suggest taking a look at the pictures before doing the hairstyle for idea of what to expect

Hairstyle #1

Hairstyle #1 is a take on a bang braid, but straight back and a little cuter! ❤

Starting at the forehead, french braid the heavy side of the part. Keep braiding until desired length and….. voila!

Side view: designed to keep the hair out of the face and eyes! For a variation, add the end braid with the rest of the hair into a pony tail or single braid.
Top view: braided on the heavy side of her part.

Hairstyle #2

Hairstyle #2 is exactly like #1 except doubled (one straight back french braid on each side) and the end braids are merged together.

French braid the same way as hairstyle #1 on both sides of the part. Keep braiding until desired length. A variation on this style would be to simply french braid all the way down on each side for a style called “boxer braids”.  Take the end braids from each side, undo them, and make one section of hair. Braid the section as far down as it will allow, tie off with an elastic and….. voila!

You can leave the hairstyle here, but other wise, undo the end braids, combine, and braid into one.
Left side view
Right side view
Back view: I feel this hairstyle is elegant but does the job of keeping everything back!

Hairstyle #3

Hairstyle #3 is called “giraffe ears”. It is extremely adorable on any little girl and is definitely a favorite in our house!

Start by parting the hair all the way down the back of the head. Using an elastic, pull the hair up on one side into a high pig tail, but don’t pull the hair all the way through the elastic, making a “bubble bun” (more in the photos below). Do the same on the other side. Fluff and tug on the “bubble buns”, and take the two ends of the buns and pin them together. That’s it! Enjoy your cuteness-packed hairstyle!

On the last “twist” of the elastic, don’t pull all the hair through, making the “bubble bun”.
Pin the two ends of the bun together.

Hairstyle #4

Hairstyle #4 is definitely going nowhere! This easy hairstyle looks intricate and difficult but it really isn’t! Perfect for running-around toddlers that need something tight back; it’s also great for sports!

On the heavy side of the part, draw a section of hair starting from the ear up to the part. Tie back with an elastic and do the same to the other side. Take the top “pig tail” from the right side and join it with the bottom left section of hair and tie it all together in a pig tail. Do the same to the other side (but join the top left section with the bottom right section into a pig tail). And that’s it for hairstyle #4!


Hairstyle #5

Hairstyle #5 is what I call the “headband braid”. The braid starts at one side of the head and wraps across the forehead to the other side of the head making a gorgeous hairstyle that keeps everything back perfectly (just like a headband)!



The second step is to start on the less heavy side of the front section (in our case, begin by taking a small section of hair on the left of the part and begin french braid). Keep  french braiding across the top of the head until all the hair from the whole front section is combined into the braid. It should stop at the ear of the opposite side of which you started from. (again, in our, case it should end at the right ear.) From here you can do one of two things……..

No matter what option you decide to do, first bobby pin the braid to the back section of hair or tie an elastic around the end.
For option #1, undo the clip (or elastic, pin, etc.) that you used to section off the hair. I like to hide the bobby pin or elastic with the rest of the hair. And that wraps up option #1! ❤
For option #2, undo the clip you used to section off hair and gather the braid and back section of hair together into a pony tail or braid. That’s it for option #2! ❤
Top view

Obviously you can customize the last options, but those were the ones I came up with!

Thank you again for reading, and I hope you come back to visit for more!

Until next time,

♥ Short & Sweet ♥

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