Diy wonder woman costume: part #1

Hi guys! In this post, I wanted to show how to (or how I) make a wonder woman costume, especially since Halloween is coming up! The first part is the shirt and accessories. I got a shirt from dollar general and a roll of gold duck tape.


I began by putting the tape on the shirt in the wonder woman pattern.

The shirt in progress………..
….And when it’s all done!

The next step to part one is the accessories! For the arm bands I used some pieces of the gold tape. It has a peel off sticker on the back, so the night I need to where them I’ll just  peel it off and…….. voila! Wonder Woman arm bands! Okay, now the crown. I took a plain head band, and hot glued a strip of gold cardstock onto it that looked like a crown head-piece. Glue some stars onto all the accessories and Bam! Part #1 complete!


Until next time,

♥ Short & Sweet ♥

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2 thoughts on “Diy wonder woman costume: part #1

  1. Wish I would have seen this a few weeks sooner! We bought a Wonder Woman costume for Jolie, but making it would have been much more cost efficient! I don’t have your eye to put things together. Loving your ideas… keep it up!

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