DIY sharpie plates

Hi guys! Today I’m doing a tutorial on how to make your own custom plates!  This project is cheap and super fun! The only supplies you need are:

  • Dollar store plates or mugs
  • Sharpies

The first thing to do is color or draw a design on your plate. When you are finished drawing, put the plates in the oven then turn it to 350 degrees farenheit for 40 minutes. You can let them cool in the oven or out. After the plates have cooled, you have custom plates!


On my plate, I drew some dandelions blowing in the wind.<3


My sisters had fun doing this project too!


Grandma made a “Giving plate” which I love!

I also made a coffee mug!


I loved how the colors and design came out!

I hope you like making these plates and have lots of fun doing it! Enjoy!

Until next time,

♥ Short & Sweet ♥

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